A bright smile is not only a reflection of happiness but also a sign of good oral health. However, many of us make common dental mistakes that impact our oral hygiene negatively. From neglecting regular check-ups to brushing too hard, these seemingly harmless habits can have long-lasting effects on our teeth and gums.

To ensure a healthy smile for years, North Oakville Dental has shared three common mistakes people make regarding their dental health.

1. Waiting until you see a problem

The first mistake many people make is waiting until they see a problem rather than being proactive and having regular check-ups. This is one of the most common errors because many people don’t think they need to go to the dentist unless they have an issue or pain. However, when you wait until you have an issue or pain before going in for a check-up, it could be too late, and the problem has become much worse than if you had been proactive about getting regular check-ups in the first place. Regular visits enable us to spot potential issues early on so that we can address them before they become more significant problems.

2. Dental fears and anxieties

Another common mistake that many people make is allowing fear or anxiety to prevent them from getting necessary treatment when we have various ways of handling patient fears, from simple relaxation techniques during your appointment like listening to music or watching TV, all the way up to sedation dentistry for those who are extremely anxious about their treatments. Patients need to know that options are available and don’t let fear keep them from getting needed treatment!

3. Not taking proper home care

The third mistake we will discuss is needing proper home care as recommended by our hygienist following your cleaning appointment. Our hygienist is here to help provide guidance related specifically to your individual needs; they can recommend products like electric toothbrushes or flossing aids, as well as give instructions on proper brushing/flossing techniques, which will help improve your hygiene at home between visits. You must follow through with what our hygienists recommend; otherwise, it won’t do any good!


Being proactive about taking care of your dental health goes a long way in maintaining optimal oral health now and in years to come. By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be able to put yourself on track for healthier dental habits!

To avoid these and other dental hygiene mistakes, reach out to the experts at North Oakville Dental to help ensure optimal oral health! We are a Family Dental Clinic in Oakville specializing in different aspects of dentistry. Our experienced dentist has been in practice since 1982 and pays special attention to patients’ comfort.

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