My name is Dr. Charles Blumenfeld, and I am the owner of North Oakville Dental. I have been practising dentistry for 40 years. I opened my first practice, Lakeridge Dental in 1982, and have been running North Oakville Dental since 2016. The path to my career stemmed from wanting to serve the community I live in. I felt strongly that focussing on oral health was a great way to provide care.

At North Oakville Dental, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our patients feel warmly cared for and that all treatment options have been thoroughly explored and explained. Our philosophy is: When both the patients and staff are happy, our business is successful.

In terms of how business today compares to years ago, I would have to say that technology has been one of the concrete changes to dentistry. Back then it was the basic drill and fill, while today digital technology has drastically changed the profession.

My approach at my office is to make my patients as comfortable as possible, while also ensuring that all the treatment options have been thoroughly explored and explained. The most satisfying moments I have are being able to rebuild my patients’ smiles and maintaining long-term relationships with them. I would attribute the success of my dental practice to my involvement with continuing education in order to provide my patients with the most up to date care. One of the most satisfying moments I’ve had in my career was when I stood on the podium during the University of Toronto Dental Convocation and proudly presented my son his diploma in dentistry. Nothing will ever beat that feeling.

When I am not at the office, I like to spend my off-time skiing, hiking, and working out at the gym. I am also involved with the local food bank charity and understand how important it is to give back to those in need of help.